Leading Edge DC-2014 Blue Alps Typing Sounds

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12 Jan 2019, 23:48

Here is my latest keyboard project, a Leading Edge DC-2014 with SKCM blue Alps switches.


Spacebar switch: Replaced slider, spring, and click leaf with corresponding parts from a Matias Quiet switch.

Lube: Super Lube 21010 synthetic grease on all stabilizers and on flip-out feet hinges. Super Lube 51010 synthetic oil on Spacebar and Return stabilizer posts.

Spacebar and Return shock absorbers: Thin strips of polyurethane foam applied to plate under the stabilizer inserts.

Case: The stock case amplified the sound of the switches more than I would like and imparted a wooden timbre. To modulate these effects, I packed the case with strips of terricloth and padded shelf liner.

USB converter: Internal Orihalcon/Soarer ATmega32U4 on a Pro Micro board.

Remapping: HHKB-esque

Panel mount USB connector: Mini-USB.


Alphanumerics (except Rbracket): IBM 5140 dye-sublimated PBT
Numpad, Rbracket, Return, and Spacebar: Stock doubleshot ABS
Modifiers: Matias blank black ABS
Esc: SP doubleshot ABS

Leading Edge DC-2014 Keyboard
dc2014rf1b1a1s25a2.jpg (257.9 KiB) Viewed 234 times
Amplitude (db) vs. time (sec)
dc2014_190112a_db-t.JPG (73.91 KiB) Viewed 234 times
Typing sequence, 3 times each of the following:

098 poi lkj .,m Rbracket (remapped as Backspace) Return Rshift CapsLock (remapped as Rgui) Spacebar Thump on case

Video with typing sounds
I am reasonably pleased with the look, sound, and feel of this keyboard. Compared with the similar Zenith Z-150, although I like the metal back on the Zenith, the Zenith has plastic screw mounts that tend to break. The Leading Edge has a plastic back, but it has metal inserts for the screw mounts, providing a more robust fastening. In addition, the Leading Edge, with its stock SKCM blue Alps switches, sounds better, although I am still working on fine-tuning the acoustics using varying types, placement, and amounts of sound-absorbing material.

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