How do you make a decent typing video?

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01 Jan 2020, 03:58

I'm not sure why this popped into my head today. I've never been into typing videos because I'm not a very nice typist. Not nice in the sense that my typing technique is very utilitarian. I rely on a few fundamentals and the rest is just messy improv, rather than nice smooth muscle memory.

Anyways, I made what I felt is at least an interesting typing video. I tried to make it from a weird perspective, where you're real up close to the keyboard. This has the added benefit of getting the microphone close to what you want to be recording.
Now I'm not saying these things make for a "good" typing video. To do thing properly you'd definitely want to get an external mic. Certainly something that you could suspend over the board, rather than set on the desk where it will pick up all sorts of reverberation.

But if you only have a smartphone, what things can you do to help make a better typing video?

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01 Jan 2020, 20:40

I actually like this style of video better than the ones from the big keyboard channels like the one below, those feel too "sterile" to me.
Chyrosran22 still kind of has that "small tech YouTuber" aesthetic to his videos which I like even though the quality got better and it's more scripted now.


03 Jan 2020, 00:46

You don't need to be a "good" typist to make a good typing video. I think slower typing tests sound better to be honest.

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