10 Jul 2020, 14:34

Made from a single piece of beech wood. Key caps are at the positions where they were in the original piece. Cherry keyboard underneath with internal PS/2 to ADB converter (Mac version…). The power key actually powers on the computer (if it has a native ADB port…) by signalling to the power supply to start up.

Caution: Might match too well with your table, do not put stuff on it…
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14 Jul 2020, 15:00

Woah... impressive work. May I ask why you chose beech instead of other woods?


14 Jul 2020, 16:50

I did not make this myself, I supplied the electronics and that was my free sample :)

So I was not questioning the choice of the wood. I have used that keyboard for a while on my Mac but ADB is a long gone interface. Could not convince myself to gut this unit and convert it to USB, so today it is just a show piece.


15 Jul 2020, 15:50

Crikey mate! That's impressive wood carving skills. How was it done? Numerically controlled machining? What treatment was the finished wood given? Danish oil?


15 Jul 2020, 20:52

They did use CNC milling, but I have no idea how they treated it. These things did cost quite a bit, but the quality is really superb.

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