Model Fs holding pens

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22 Feb 2021, 10:46

A photo thread for those who enjoy the finer things in life: capacitive buckling springs and great writing instruments.

Other fine keyboards are welcome here too, like Model Ms, beamers, and the like.

No headphones allowed though, this isn’t r/mechanicalheadpens.

I will go first, with a selection of my daily drivers (too many to all fit on the pen rest I’m afraid):


Keyboard: New Model F77

Pens, left to right:
  1. Montblanc Meisterstück FP
  2. Helix Oxford Premium rollerball (bought it as a body for Signo 207 refills but its own refill is very nice)
  3. Signo 207 gel refill in Sheaffer VFM rollerball body
  4. Sarasa Clip refill in Hi-Tec-C Cavalier body
  5. Pentel EnerGel alloy body
  6. Pentel Tradio EnerGel
  7. Lamy Safari FP
  8. Pilot V-Pen erasable FP
  9. Vision Elite rollerball


22 Feb 2021, 13:59

When I clicked on the thread, I had expected you to exhibit the use of pencil trays. ;)

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22 Feb 2021, 14:49

Same. Seems like a glaring oversight

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22 Feb 2021, 15:43

That's more like it
image0 (1).jpeg
image0 (1).jpeg (4.65 MiB) Viewed 1181 times


22 Feb 2021, 18:11

Where else to put the pencil if not on top of your keyboard. Atm an Unicomp Ultra Classic at my office desk. 8-)
8b3eccf5-1fd2-4e8e-a06d-a19e35b7ff10.jpg (295.56 KiB) Viewed 1140 times

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22 Feb 2021, 19:44

Oh I'm definitely getting in on this!
Scarpia, is that an MB149 or 146? Either one, awesome!

Here's my quick pic with pens on hand!


top row: Pelikan 805 Blue Dunes, Sailor King of Pen, Aurora Optima
middle row: Omas Paragon, Pilot Vanishing Point
lower row: Visconti Homosapiens, Lamy 2000

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22 Feb 2021, 20:55

Wow @Gunsight1 - that’s a classyglorious set of instruments!! The Pelikan, the Sailor 1911, a Visconti, and the Vanishing Point?! Holy crap dude.

My MB is a 146, bought it used many years ago but I hate to admit that I never used it much since the nib it came with is far too stiff for me, and I’m not brave enough to try to replace it. TBH I should just sell it and buy another with the right nib.

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24 Feb 2021, 19:59

Here's mine.

Apple pen is from when I worked at Apple some time ago. they gave them to us as gifts and I just held on to it..
IMG_20210224_135603.jpg (4.39 MiB) Viewed 851 times

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11 Mar 2021, 18:11

Another submission, that pen was given in a little promo kit many years ago:
IBM+IBM.jpg (2.71 MiB) Viewed 541 times

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12 Mar 2021, 08:37

Two of my favorite things :cool:
f77 rotring 600.jpg
f77 rotring 600.jpg (424.24 KiB) Viewed 506 times

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12 Mar 2021, 16:35

@beepbloop amazing, I want a Rotring...

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14 Mar 2021, 03:07

Scarpia wrote:
12 Mar 2021, 16:35
@beepbloop amazing, I want a Rotring...
The one on my F77 is the new green color 600 released last year. Here are some of my other ones, subjected to various levels of abuse hah..
rotrings.jpg (498.81 KiB) Viewed 398 times

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