Southpaw75 Appreciation

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16 Mar 2021, 07:03

Sure, we all love vintage but sometimes we need a break from big old inconvenient keyboard. This Southpaw75 is one of my most ASMR boards I own. Cant get over how much I like it so I thought Id make a post! :geek: Caps are GMK Blue/White 2016 and OG doubleshots from a TTY machine. :)


16 Mar 2021, 14:50

Very pro keyboard, glad you like it


16 Mar 2021, 17:12

With Micon alphas and Bluegaloo mods you'd still need a few keys and your right shift is lasered, so I'm guessing it's WoB 1800 keycaps filling most of the gaps.

It's a nice color combo, I sold my Bluegalloo set long before I found a Micon and the color combo seems to work well.

I still feel like the background was designed to make me jealous, but with that many F107s you gotta.

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