Ortek MCK-101FT & IBM JX


02 Apr 2021, 02:50

I recently picked up a couple of keyboards which I've not seen much on DT before, and thought they were interesting enough for the share.

The first is an Ortek MCK-101FT. I've had a couple of MCK-101s and they're one of my favorite cheap Alps based boards due to the interesting design and nice keycaps. These are pretty common, but normally the SX (SKCM white) or FX (clicky Alps clones), and I've not seen this FT variant before. This one has linear green clones which appear to be Hua Jie AK, notable because the vast majority of these boards appear to be clicky. The switches are light and smooth, but quite loud and not a refined as genuine Alps. This also has a quite low serial, and a warranty sticker from 1993.
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Ortek Switches.jpg
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Ortek Badge.jpg
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The 2nd is an IBM part number 6454042 from the IBM JX. This is the black English version, and is in very rough condition. This has Alps SKCL green (SKCL green compact for the F keys), which feel great and are in surprisingly good condition. It has thick Alps made doubleshot keycaps in a two tone grey scheme with black, cream and green legends which look and sound fantastic. I'm a big fan of the "Do not open this keyboard" warning, especially as it's impossible not to with it's current condition.

I bought this one as is, but the case is extremely brittle, and I've seen lots of these that have been destroyed like this, so as a quick PSA, if you're getting a JX keyboard shipped, make sure it is EXTREMELY well packed. Also, if anyone happens to have a JX case or even parts of a shipping damaged case, I'm on the hunt.
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Gotta start somewhere

02 Apr 2021, 04:40

Tragic, that poor JX!


02 Apr 2021, 10:01

Damonskv had an IBM JX keyboard that suffered the same fate in shipping.

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