FilterKeys Setter... for a faster key repeat (in Windows)

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01 Apr 2013, 23:11

This is just a quick and dirty utility for making FilterKeys settings, which allows values that are not possible to set using the standard Windows UI.

It's main use would be, as the title says, to set faster repeat than is normally possible. The easiest way to use it for that purpose is to click 'Keyboard', which sets all the values to the same as you've got set in the normal Keyboard settings dialog in Control Panel, and then change repeat delay and rate to your liking.

If you want to make settings permanent, check the box 'Save to registry'.

No rebooting, or logging off and then on again, is required.
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Source code is provided, in C++ for VS2003, which should be easy to convert to a later version of VS.

Essentially it's just a wrapper for calling the SystemParametersInfo function with SPI_SETFILTERKEYS and passing it a FILTERKEYS structure.

Related: How can I increase the key repeat rate beyond the OS's limit?, where there's some discussion and also source code for a command line utility that sets repeat rate and delay using FilterKeys.

This is a shameless crosspost from GH.

- added an 'Apply' button.

- added a Test area.
- added 'Original' button, which loads settings active when the utility was launched, as a half-assed 'Undo' feature.
- replaced MFC icon with an equally crappy one!
- added some parameter validation.
- fixed bug where dialog closed when clicking OK even when setting failed.
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06 Feb 2024, 20:35

A spammer just found this thread. In the process of deleting his payload, I learned this thing existed. Soarer you prolific bugger, you! A decade on and I’m still impressed.

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