How to dye your keycaps - A visual guide


02 Jan 2018, 00:09

Sorry for renewing this but has anyone tried coloring darker caps? like no white caps? Maybe grey caps or such


02 Jan 2018, 00:23

Here ya go
workshop-f7/how-to-dye-your-keycaps-a-v ... 10672.html

Edit: oh you mean color grey keycaps? Well you could make them black... Dying is an additive process so you can only add color not subtract/bleach caps with dye


25 Nov 2019, 15:08

How I know what kind of plastic i have in my keyboard? I have a Fujitsu Keyboard FSK-102M, and for what i saw it is posible that it has ABS plastic, but the key are yellowed but the sun and that makes me think is not ABS but maybe is posible is another type of melting plastic. Thank you

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25 Nov 2019, 17:21

If it’s yellowed: it’s almost guaranteed to be ABS. The stuff is everywhere.

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