[WTD] decent hardware USB low/full speed protocol analyzer, new/used


05 Dec 2018, 11:53

Hey guys,

I'm the fella behind the Blusb BT-USB-Hybrid controller project. The current design is based on an Atmel ATXMEGA32 MCU and, as far as the USB interface is concerned, Atmel's ASF USB stack. Some people over at avrfreaks.net claim that all ASF stuff is trash and that the guys who wrote the code for it don't know what they're doing, but it's free and it's the official USB driver, so why not use it, right? I and 99% of all the people who bought a controller board have had no problems with USB at all, but recently another user, just some guy, really, has claimed that the USB interface is somehow buggy and to prove it has sent me log files from a Total Phase Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer that's showing a bunch of 'sync errors'. This guy turned out to be a weirdo (rude, not answering my questions, not compliant, unintelligible expressions) so I've had to give up on tracking down the root of the issue (if there is any) together with him and have just asked him to return the controller board and given him a refund.

Is there anyone who'd like to recommend a decent hardware USB protocol analyzer so that I can do hardware debugging of USB communications myself if the need should ever arise? The Beagle USB 12 is pretty expensive at $400, even more so on the German market (686€ on Amazon).

I would also be interested in buying a used device if anyone's bought one and wants to get rid of it.

If someone from Germany with access to such a device would be willing to collaborate on the project I would appreciate that as well.



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