Restoring Zenith Z-150 and Related Keyboards?

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17 Dec 2018, 23:57

By using Hasu's latest converter with a Teensy, I've been able to get my Zenith Z-150 100-1886 XT-type keyboard working with no chattering. It turns out that my problem was not bad switches -- it was the Pro Micro Soarer's converter (See the threads below):


z150_ulf1c15.jpg (128.95 KiB) Viewed 229 times
However, even with one of these keyboards in excellent condition, the plastic of the case can be extremely brittle. The most vulnerable part is the screw mounts for the PCB and plate assembly. Even taking care not to overtighten the mounting screws, the plastic mounting posts can crumble, rendering them useless. In addition, the screw mounts for holding the metal back to the front case can be easily stripped, again making them useless for holding the case together.

In contrast, the similar layout Leading Edge DC-2014 keyboard has metal inserts in the screw mounts for holding the PCB and plate assembly to the case. Unfortunately, the Zenith and Leading Edge parts do not quite match up. In any event, I prefer the looks of the Zenith.

Does anyone here have a good solution to the Zenith screw mount problem? Otherwise, the Zenith Z-150 is a very handsome and functional keyboard.


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25 Dec 2018, 19:36

I've concluded that a straightforward way to deal with broken screw mounts and stripped theads in the Z-150 would be to do a "bolt mod". This would result in having 10 or more screw heads on the top case, but I think this would not look bad, and it would give the keyboard considerable stability. If I go this route, I will post pics.

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