Resoldering switches

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26 Jan 2019, 00:58

Guys, can you please suggest some good soldering/desoldering kit?
Ideally in UK or in Europe.

I'm planning to resolder VArmilo VA69M (gonna use Tealios).

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26 Jan 2019, 14:14

63/37 Leaded solder 0.6mm width with RMA core
Adjustable temperature on a soldering iron, preferable with different tips to suit your needs.
A good quality solder sucker (don't skimp out).

With wave soldered boards I usually go over all the legs and retin them with 63/37 so it makes it easier to remove all the solder with the pump.

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27 Jan 2019, 23:04

Don't go for tiny soldering iron tips. E.g. for a 1 mm wide SMD part it is still good to have about Ø 2 mm bevel or chisel tip. A bigger tip is good to transfer heat quickly to the part.


28 Jan 2019, 20:01

Extra flux can be helpful on occasions. For Cleaning(flux residue, as well as some forms of corrosion)' I use robbing alcohol on cotton buds and a heat gun set on low.
A good pair of flush wire cutter is next to a must. Needle nose tweezers, and magnification depending on the density..

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