Blusb universal BT-USB Model M controller cross-platform GUI and/or CLI thread


03 Apr 2019, 11:33

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Thanks to fellow member 'arakula', there's now a Windows GUI that renders configuration of the universal Bluetooth-USB-Hybrid Model M controller (Blusb, in short) intuitive and convenient. All revisions that have an M122 cut-out in the middle of the PCB and a 20x8 matrix should be compatible. Please report back to me if you hit a snag somewhere or would like to enquire about compatibility issues regarding your particular revision of the design.

Here's the GitHub link:

Note: While the GUI has already reached a remarkable state of maturity and will most likely work just fine, it also might just not work at all on your rig, for all kinds of reasons. Please give it a go and report back your findings either on GitHub or on Deskthority. I appreciate it!

So far there's only a Windows release, but support for other operating systems will be added in the near future thanks to the efforts of fellow members 'marcvk' and 'quintus'.

Ports to Linux and Mac of the original CLI I wrote to change settings and key mappings are now also in the works:

Windows ... sb_cli_win

Mac OS


Feel free to check it out and chime in, if you like.
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03 Apr 2019, 11:33



19 Aug 2019, 12:31


There is another repository with a functioning command line / terminal version of the blusb program. It's developed on Linux, but should also work on Windows / MacOS.


One thing that is missing is UI support for editing macros. If there is enough demand I can also add that.



11 Sep 2019, 21:58

thanks Marc, sorry I was so slow to react!

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