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31 May 2019, 12:28

Hey all, just got done making a wrist rest to suit my F AT. I previously made a wrist rest to suit my FC660C, but that was much too short and narrow to suit the AT.
I wanted to do this on the cheap, luckily I had some foam left from replacing the assembly foam in the AT, I realised that would make for good padding. I also stripped some leather off an old busted up lounge chair before I disposed of it, so I had a nice covering to work with, although I only had a fairly narrow strip.
To go with this, I grabbed a nice piece of jarrah, cut it to length and rounded out one side. I cut in recesses where the edges of the leather would sit. I then coated it with a spray on stain and varnish.



I'm not too familiar with woodworking, so I didn't get the smoothest finish, turns out I should have sanded with finer sandpaper before varnishing. Looks fine at a glance though.


Here's the foam and leather. Fitting the leather to a rounded shape, with the added bulge of the foam underneath was a bit of a trial, but it came out ok. I held it in place with sticky tape and put some books on it while the glue was drying.


Here's the finished thing, in situ. I like how it looks on its own, not sure if it really matches the AT though, maybe should have just used cheap wood and painted it beige to match. Plenty comfy though, it certainly gets the job done.


31 May 2019, 15:23

Wow looks great good job. I also have an IBM Model F AT as my daily driver I had to change the layout a bit and remap some keys using Soarers converter but am loving this wonderful keyboard :D

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