My daily driver stopped working 50%

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Awake Sheep

25 Sep 2019, 11:39

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After a pause of 2 months I wanted my daily driver back in action and suddenly the right half doesn't work anymore.

I bought it from taobao through superbuy.

Kindly asking for a repair service here. Who can help me? =(

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Awake Sheep

25 Sep 2019, 12:38

Maybe someone here offers a repair service? I live in southern part of Germany.

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25 Sep 2019, 12:47

Do you have access to the PCB ?

The right side is the slave, right ?

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25 Sep 2019, 15:50

Hi, before sending for repair, if you are able to open the case and photograph the pcb and especially where the cable connector meets the pcb?

We may not be able to see anything, but there is a chance there is an obvious reason why this device does not work and we can offer further guidance.

I would try this basic diagnostic approach first to eliminate any obvious or minor issues. If we cant see any issues then you could move to repair services.

My personal guess would be just some flexing damage to the usb connector solder.


25 Sep 2019, 17:05

Chances are its a faulty connector. I cannot be sure but that looks like mini USB to me ( not micro) THE WORST usb connector, they fail all the time. Back when i supported blackberry phones ( back to the super old blue ones ) it was ALWAYS the mini USB that failed.

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