NMB Hi-Tek 111262


20 Oct 2019, 06:22

I see that some others have picked up these little NOS one-eyed space invader keyboards (from some kind of TRW equipment) on eBay. For instance, it looks from the photos like mcmaxmcmc had one at the Petaluma meetup.

I took a few minutes and coded the matrix for QMK. No thought was required; just typing, since the keyboard came with a chart. The mapping was minimal for just a typing test. To be usable some thought around layers would no doubt be required. But perhaps this will save someone else a little time.
nmb_111262.jpg (473.9 KiB) Viewed 2508 times

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30 Oct 2019, 04:04

I like it! That's a fun looking little board and I do love those switches.

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30 Oct 2019, 05:20

Hey, nice! Finally somebody actually tried to convert the thing instead of desoldering the switches to use for repair on other boards or never bothered to convert the thing. Welcome to the Space Invaders gang! :D

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