Sliding the PCB/Backplate Back In (Model F XT)


21 Mar 2020, 23:22

Hi all-

I recently purchased a modern model f and was inspired to obtain an original one for comparison. Got a pretty good deal on craigslist ($40) and opened to clean the whole thing.

Now... I'm having problem sliding the pcb/backplate back into the top plate. :D :D :D

Maybe it's because of a lack of muscle, maybe it's because I don't have any clamp I can use, but it never seems so difficult in all the guides I found. Does anyone have a tip of how it can be done? Knowing that I may have to open them a few times to adjust the spacebar, I want to know what is the best way to put the plates together.


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22 Mar 2020, 01:10

muscle + clamps


22 Mar 2020, 01:14



22 Mar 2020, 01:27

Got extra muscle. Problem solved. Thanks!

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