My project on Dell Loudkey!

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19 Apr 2020, 10:27

I think it better to post my project here lol
I had recently started to retrofiting a Matias Tactile Pro PCB into my old Dell Quietkey which had a crappy Silitek Dome. because my Matias Housing are in beyond horrible condition and alot of crack! and it's just look ugly! Dell Quietkey build quality are not bad but better than their Dell SK-8115 and newer!

This is the picture of when it still on a Matias Tactile Pro Board!

These are the picture of my progress right now!
Keycap: Matias and Tai-Hao Doubleshot ABS from my dead APC Keyboard!
Switches: Alps SKBM Gray except Z key had been replaced with Blue Alps

I will also be adding an Extra Steel Plate on the bottom to Add Weight to be as close to Dell AT101 at least!


There are the top of the keyboard but they had to be cut to make it fit on a Matias Board!

Well..... Stay Tuned on my Progress on a "Dell Loudkey"!!!!

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