new big skcm blue alps

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13 Mar 2021, 23:34

I will try to glue this foil piece now.

I will also remake the switch plate plastic frame so its easier to disassemble.

I also wonder why the insulator piece is asymmetrical. Why is this? There must be a reason. I will think on this.
skcm switch contact.jpg
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14 Mar 2021, 06:29

By "insulator" you mean the little dot on the full piece? Indeed it is assymetric. On the big printed piece, it is centered between the side on the top and the side on the bottom of the small rectangle extension.
On the original piece, though, the dot is instead on the center between the side on the top and the side of the lower part that has the two cuts, excluding the small rectangle completely.

And what do you mean exactly that the lower part is mirrored? I can't see it.

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