pls help: Split Space and AltGr on XD60 Keyboard


01 Jun 2020, 14:32


I have a keyboard project on which I put the guts of a Apple IIgs onto a XD60 Rev 3 board. It uses Alps SKCM orange switches. It still needs some other caps and I will work on the legends. This is how it looked yesterday:


Many labels are off. This is what it will be functionally:

I planned the Layout with the XD60 "1.25-1.25-1.5-2.25-2.75-1-1-1-1-1-1" (the forth from the bottom ... kdpXa0.jpg)

The main problem is now really to get the bottom row working. I flashed it both, with TKG and QMK. Besides the lack of working split space and AltGr both work equally well. Both ways of configuration won't allow me however to configure the last row as "1.25-1.25-1.5-2.25-2.75-1-1-1-1-1-1" because it's against their design rules. Instead of compiling the file, it will just spit me out an error.

Does anybody know what to do, to get this working? In the worst case I could cut the PCB and solder the left space to the right one, but then I still lack AltGr, which is in my language region nice to get @ and #. My feeling is that I would have to write a custom "layout" file for QMK which doesn't limit the max number of keys for a keymap.c file. Or maybe I have to change the header file of the XD60.

EDIT: I now fiddled around in XD60.h (the header file) to include more keys into the last row

Code: Select all

      K40,  K41,  K42,              K44,        K45,        K46,  K4A,  K4B,  K48,  K4C,  K4D  \
It allowed me to compile keymap.c files with more buttons, but sadly it doesn't do much of a difference. The left space and AltGr remain non-functional

Thanks for your help!


07 Jun 2020, 13:02

The problem has been solved =)

Here are the QMK files:

They were made by CloudySkys of Reddit, whom I sort of commissioned with this.
It works now.

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