Pinging sound on red cherry MX and opening switches

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23 Jun 2020, 17:22

Hi guys, it's been a while...
I have a filco minila with red switches, but some keys do a loud and annoying pinging sound. So I have thought of applying grease to the springs. I have read some tutorials on the forum on how to open Mx switches, I have tried to open one but I suspect that I can't open the switches without disassemblying the switch from the plate, am I right? So I don't want to de solder the switches to open it.
What is the right way to oil the switches mounted in the plate?
Some tips to reduce the pinging sound?
Thanks a lot.
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27 Jun 2020, 21:18


There are two kind of plates, one that allows you to open the switch from the top, and one does not. Filco stock keyboards use the latter therefore you wont be able to open it without desoldering.

The only way I know of, which exclude desoldering, is to insert the lube inside the switch with thin strip of plastic. But then again, I highly recommend you to desolder the switches to lube them properly instead of trying this method. There are way too many cons with it: wasting lube, uneven lubing, too much lube at the bottom of the spring can make it sticky when press and you have to desolder it to fix.

Filco pcb is high quality so it would be the least scary thing to desolder anyways.

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