Is it feasible to fix f122 with m122 case?

John Doe

30 Jul 2020, 09:10

Hello, guys, just like title saying, I've been confused if this could work for quite awhile, but no chance to test it in reality. I know here some guys should have finished same work years ago if I still have my memory right but can't find specific info unfortunately. So maybe start the post to ask for some help.

Questions are: Which model of m122's cases could fit f122's internals? And should remove some stabs to fit it perfectly? Any other work should be cared to save time? ;)

Thanks in advance.



30 Jul 2020, 12:53

The older type of M122 case could fit the F122 but not without modification.

The slimmer smaller case ( like the one unicomp still sells ) will not fit it .

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30 Jul 2020, 13:08

The closest "old-style" M122s are the ones with the Model F-style dual-setting feet and a largely metal DIN plug (aka, look exactly like a F122 from the top), but be warned that they, of course, look very close to the slightly later "old-style" M122 that had Model M-style feet that could only be accessed from the bottom but the rest was unchanged (see below for a comparison) and thus important to know how to tell them apart. Most examples of those are very early, being produced largely in only 1986 (although some were made as late as the early '90s despite the third and very different M122 revision already being out). Part numbers 1386887 and 1389152 come to mind. Those would be the easiest to mod for housing a Model F122 assembly.
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(Ignore the case colour, my example was an oddity with a different case material)

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30 Jul 2020, 15:06


31 Jul 2020, 09:43

fohat wrote:
30 Jul 2020, 15:06
Here is how wcass did it: ... #msg939658
That's the thread i was thinking of could not remember where i saw someone do it.

I keep meaning to see if i can get a cheap big 122M case in good condition for my junker F122 the case is a bit manky on that one.

John Doe

02 Aug 2020, 16:53

thanks, guys. I've read all your replies above and will go to check if I could find compatible m122 case, seems lots of work to proceed anyway ;) ;)

Appreciated it.

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