[IC] IBM M2F Conversion Kit


01 Oct 2020, 18:25

If OP could offer also the IBM case, the cost wouldn't increase so much. About 30 USD more I think


28 Oct 2020, 04:14

Would be interesting to see this in a unicomp mini m case, if the mini m ever ships


07 Nov 2020, 13:28

Hi, @fricked : any recent news on this project?
(Or newer pictures/designs/schematics of parts to share?)


10 Nov 2020, 02:39

DrYak wrote:
07 Nov 2020, 13:28
Hi, @fricked : any recent news on this project?
(Or newer pictures/designs/schematics of parts to share?)
Unfortunately I haven't been working on it lately :(
There was much less interest than I expected so this project doesn't seem very viable.
I might do it anyway counting on future uses for the flippers but for now I'm working on other things.
Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm and all the suggestions, if I have any updates I will post them here

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11 Nov 2020, 14:58

Sounds good, I'm definitely interested!

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11 Nov 2020, 21:00

Me too!


22 Nov 2020, 08:26

You have my vote and money if it comes to.

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22 Nov 2020, 18:30

I can think of at least 4 boards I would want to convert with this if it ever comes to fruition.

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[ XMIT ]

22 Nov 2020, 22:09

Reading this, I have to wonder if you're familiar with idollar's fabulous FSSK project here from a few years ago. It's exactly what OP is describing.


I can't recall how I acquired the board files. idollar may have given them to me. They may have been somewhere on that thread. Anyway, these should be the latest and greatest Gerbers for FSSK and FEXT.

If you use these, please attribute idollar, and maybe send him a completed unit for free. I bet he'd really appreciate it.

I built my own FSSK. Getting it working was really tough. I hope you know what you're in for. I thought I had a build log here on DT somewhere, poke around for it.
(3.39 MiB) Downloaded 39 times
FSSK v1.00.zip
(3.9 MiB) Downloaded 33 times

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08 Dec 2020, 15:24

Bump.... GB for Flippers and PCB (possibly with a cart log file already prep for the main PCB online manufacturers) NEEDED here! Shall we ask @Ellipse for flippers?

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[ XMIT ]

13 Dec 2020, 18:20

Ellipse will sell you flippers and barrels. $1 each last time I checked.

I have for years been of the opinion that Ellipse would be wise to offer flippers and barrels to Deskthority members at minimal cost. We provided the motivation, means, and support to enable his work. Were I in his position I'd offer single keyboard quantities of these parts in limited quantity for cost plus shipping. But recall, this is the man who unapologetically invented price gouging for rare keyboards.

When I was developing the XMIT Hall boards, I seeded a number of early prototyped to community members for cost plus shipping.

It's possible that his actual cost is $1 each. If so, that's unfortunate.

I ended up never buying an Ellipse board. Two reasons. One, an F62/F77 was never that appealing to me. Two, between the 107 key 4704 F that I restored, and the FSSK that I built, my Model F dreams were fulfilled.

Despite prior frustrations, I'm pleased that Ellipse has remained somewhat active here to engage with customers. But I really want to see him offering internals to board builders cheaply. That simple action would make him a legend.


14 Dec 2020, 09:07

fricked wrote:
21 Sep 2020, 04:27
This is an interest check for an IBM Model M to F conversion kit.
Just wanted to say that I would be super happy to support this project, and if you provided barrels too that would just be insane, but I'll be happy with the flippers and springs alone. I put down interest for 3 sets of 80 flipper/spring combos.


23 Jan 2021, 01:43

fricked wrote:
21 Sep 2020, 04:27
This is an interest check for an IBM Model M to F conversion kit.

The purpose of this mod: to replicate the superior Model F internals in the superior layout and availability of the Model M.
Count me in. I just submitted the IC form.

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25 Jan 2021, 06:35

Me too. I hope there's enough interest!


18 Feb 2021, 18:40

Just wanted to say i may be interested as well!

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19 Feb 2021, 21:12

Someone summoned me?

My SSK is still ready for a Model F makeover. And it’s been a while…
I may be misremembering, but from what I recall, Lot Lizard’s epic Model MF project to make a complete upgrade kit finished before final production and the prototypes were… maybe not as solid as we IBM keyboard folk would like. He was waylaid by something outside of keyboards though, so maybe it was that.

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