Guide: How to fix the upstroke clicking of ALPS switches

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22 Nov 2020, 13:39

Checkout this video I made on how to properly fix the upstroke clicking of ALPS switches. No matter if they are SKCM or SKBM, or if they are linear, tactile or clicky. The upstroke click happens for the same reason in all of them therefore this guide applies to all of them.

In it I describe and explain in detail of why the upstroke clicking happens and how to properly fix it and what to be careful about. This is one of my first videos, so please take it easy on me. :)

UPDATE: I'm revising the video, please stand by

Note: You will notice that the end result is not perfect, but this is because I had no more time to make it as best as it could get.

I hope this will do help some people. If you have any questions let me know.

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