Model M Requires Hard Key Press on S & F Keys


27 Dec 2020, 04:02


I just finished cleaning up a Model M, along with replacing six broken rivets with bolts and noticed the S and F keys require a hard press in order to register. All other keys work correctly. I’m 99% sure the keys were working correctly before I cleaned it.

The S and F keys seem to operate and sound correct and the spring and flipper look fine - the spring isn’t bent and the flipper moves easily. I pushed on the flipper with a toothpick to rule out the spring and they both required the same hard press as when the key caps are installed whereas the adjacent keys register with little effort.

I loosened up the bolts in case I had tightened them too much and that had no effect. My next step is to perform a full bolt mod and test the membrane once everything is apart but I wanted to see if there’s anything else I should try before I take it apart. Thanks.


27 Dec 2020, 22:32

Try to remove the spring, and put it back on. (Or replace it if you have extra springs). There's various methods without doing a full bolt mod, like:

What I do is simpler, I just rotate the old spring counterclockwise, and pull to remove it. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but you need to rotate the spring in the direction in which if the end of the spring bites into the plastic, rotating in that direction would make the spring diameter increase, to release friction forces. And to put on the new spring I use a very small philips head screwdriver that fits inside the spring, and I put electrical tape around it, so that if I compress the spring onto the screwdriver I compress it about 50% it's original size. I then gently put the other end of the uncompressed spring so that it touches the nub of plastic that is supposed to hold it, and I push down with the screwdriver, so as to compress the spring. I rotate again counterclockwise to put it on. I have about an 80-90% success rate with this, so occasionally I have to throw away springs, that I don't put on right, and accidentally bend.

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28 Dec 2020, 16:36

that's sounds like the black rubber foil has deformed when you putting the keyboard together and it interferes keystrokes. suggest you to take the keyboard apart to make sure parts are put up correctly.


29 Dec 2020, 02:30

Thanks I will remove and if needed replace the spring first and if that doesn’t resolve the issue I’ll take everything apart. That’s what I get for trying to get out of doing the full bolt mod...

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