CHERRY G81 1800 HQU (MY) keyboard mechanical retrofit

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01 Jan 2021, 11:19


lately I completed a mechanical retrofit to a CHERRY G81 1800 HQU rubberdome keyboard.
This keyboard has nice double shot keycaps and I found a new and very cheap one on a local listing.
The retrofit involved replacing the pcb with a G80 1800 Leeche (cina) one and adding a self designed/modified stainless steel plate to add rigidity to the whole assembly.

I believe I started from this plate design and modified it to my needs:

I published a video of the whole process and I've been asked to share the plate design so here are pictures , video and download link for the plate design. If You're going to use my design, please always double check everything before you start ordering parts.

The original keyboard

Without case

The original plate/pcb assembly

The new plate/pcb assembly

Testing it

Build log

Plate design files here ... sp=sharing

Cheers from Italy
Luca R.

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chip chop

01 Jan 2021, 18:08

Great project & video, thanks for sharing :)


13 Feb 2021, 21:21

Is that leeche PCB QMK compatible?

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