M-122 Case Screw Size Part number: 1389160


08 Jan 2021, 04:12

Hi, a bit of an odd question but I'm in kind of dire need to figure out precisely what screw sizes are used for this M-122 (or even any M-122 in general if there are differences), it has model F-122 feet. A few are missing and I have no real means of measuring and or going to the store (local lockdowns) to get them measured, thanks again, everybody!


The screw area for the bottom of the case (Not sure if it helps but I don't think it hurts to add it)

Finally, the part number and I.D Number to help clarify any confusion.

Lastly here is the kind of hard to read part number of the top housing.

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10 Jan 2021, 04:34

Generally Model M cases have screws with 7/32" heads (5.5mm is an excellent match), and Model F cases also have some 9/32" screws (7.5mm is the best match).

Make sure that your socket is "long" and "thin-walled".

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