Alps Clones Maintenance

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03 Mar 2021, 21:58

Got an NTC last week with what I believe are ' Type OA2' (as per the WIKI). Though the board doesn't look like it's in too bad shape, the switches definitely need a clean out. I've only cracked open a few for a repair thus far but I found reassembling them to be a nightmare, given the contact plates have to be separated by the top housing, and then the spring, etc..

I've had a search on here and YouTube and thought that it was worth asking the question: Would it be easier to simply de-solder all the switches, clean them and re-solder them? I'm not bad with a soldering iron and don't think transplanting switches between my modern boards is a particular hassle. It genuinely seems like a simpler option to me; unless there's a trick to reassembling these that I'm missing?

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