Asking about Retrobriting wob og cherry caps


02 Apr 2021, 20:51


I have a set of og cherry wob that unfortunately is very yellowed. The legends are, not sure about the rest of the cap they look as black as ever.

Now if it were bow i would throw them in my retro chamber without thinking for a sec, but i have never worked with wob set, and i have basically this one chance.

So just want to ask people, who have had this specific experience of retrobriting wob cherry caps, that are they easy to be bleached? What is your preferred/ used method?
Of course any other inputs is welcome. Thanks guys.

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02 Apr 2021, 21:26

No experience with those caps specifically, but I'd always be extra careful with retrobrighting colored plastics. Very easy to overbleach/discolour them.


02 Apr 2021, 21:57

Yeah that is what i am very worried about

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02 Apr 2021, 22:46

If you wanna be extra careful, use H202 with a lesser percentage or dilute the stuff you have, use a heat-bath with only warm, not hot water instead of UV light, and check every 15 minutes or so. I've ruined some priceless vintage caps with retrobrighting and that's the way I'm doing it from now on, especially if I have no experience with the brand of the caps yet. My mistake was that I used my normal procedure with which I had successfully brightened multiple sets of Focus caps for caps from a totally different board. Still can't forgive myself for that :/

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