TMK keyboard firmware collection

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05 Jun 2019, 22:10

Unfortunately disabling bootmagic didn't work. I'll keep playing around with different things.

The pcb is an Alps plate spring pcb that I designed (using your kicad libraries btw). It's really not at all comparable to GH60. I just used that project as a starting point.

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05 Jun 2019, 23:00

Ah, then post schematic of your pcb so that we can check your matrix scan code.

And, what is your exact MCU part number or source?
Did you fiddle with MCU fuse setting with ISP programmer, perhaps?

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27 Sep 2019, 19:00

So, I've had a Caps Lock macro on my shoulder today. Having gotten it working again on Xwhatsit earlier, I decided to give my HHKB a go. Sure, Fn + Tab = Caps Lock, I know, but I really like Shift + Shift = Caps Lock the best. I hadn't tried this sooner because I don't really understand macros in TMK, and I also know Hasu uses Shift + Shift as the magic key combo for entering bootloader mode etc. But, hey, I've always got that reset button on the back! So here's my attempt today in Unimap.

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 5.51.38 pm.png
Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 5.51.38 pm.png (281.74 KiB) Viewed 1035 times

I'm using the same trick Hasu showed me for my Command + Esc = Command + Tilde "macro". Namely: borrow another layer. In layer 5, both shifts are remapped to Caps Lock, like I did on my Kishsaver and AT in Xwhatsit's GUI. No timed macro cunningness here, but it works anyway. Well, with one downside.

To enter the HHKB's bootloader, you can either pull off the DIP switch port cover and press the red reset button, *or* press Shift + Shift + Fn + P (namely Shift + Shift + Pause/Break) to do it entirely on the keyboard. This trick has lost me that capability. I tried mapping P to Pause/Break in Layer 5 but that doesn't trigger it, and loses me the rather more useful ability to type capital P while holding Shift!

I wonder, is there a better way to achieve this? I don't want to have to mess in code, and all too likely break compatibility with Unimap. But I do like playing with my HHKB's Hasu-powered programmability often enough that the Magic key combo is plenty handy in its own right.

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27 Sep 2019, 19:18

Oh, actually, I think I've got it! Check this out:

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 6.10.42 pm.png
Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 6.10.42 pm.png (286.9 KiB) Viewed 1027 times

I realised the problem I made for myself was I'd disabled Hasu's "Magic key" by swapping it out to Caps Lock. But! The only time I use his Magic key is when I'm pressing Pause/Break to enter the bootloader. And! Break is on Layer 1. So how about I just made sure those two Shifts were real Shift keys on Layer 1?

See, I read enough of TMK's documentation to know how "transparent" keys work. Any given layer overwrites the one below. My special layer shifting (and Shift destroying) Shift keys are down on Layer 0. If I overwrite them with normal Shifts up on Layer 1, all subsequent layers inherit those, until Layer 5, which is where Caps Lock looms, far away until it's called for.

So, as long as I press Fn + Shift + Shift + P in that order, Fn first!, I can enter the bootloader all posh style, without having to pull the DIP switch cover off. Very nice! Got to love this programmability. Powerful enough you can make yourself new problems and fix those too!

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