How to use a Pro Micro as a cheap controller/converter

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02 Jan 2019, 20:00

twasa wrote: I'm using the converter I believe (Soarer_at2usb_v1.12_atmega32u4.hex). Good for you St0ckz, I'm hoping to also get this to work, without knowing enough yet about what I'm doing. :D
You might try using qmk_toolbox. This worked for me on a Pro Micro.

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03 Jan 2019, 06:33

twasa wrote: Code Set: 1
Mode: PC/XT
That doesn't look right to me, I'd expect code set 3 for terminal M122s.


03 Jan 2019, 20:02

@Darkshado, that's what I was expecting too. I am stumped, since I don't know why the board gets identified as code set 1, which I suspect is why I don't get any keys to register.


05 Jan 2019, 05:40

i agree that it should auto-sense, and that points to a wiring issue, but have you tried forcing it to code set 3 to see if it's just an auto-detection issue?


05 Jan 2019, 12:33

Thanks mxgian99. I tried that with the same result. hid_listen does not register any key press. I'll check the wiring to the pro micro again.

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