Best relic/discovery 2013

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Wild Duck

28 Nov 2013, 01:06


This is round 2 of the award for the Best relic/discovery 2013.
This round is used to trim down the suggested nominees from round 1.

See the first round for reference and motivations.

Since there are only four, all suggested nominees are promoted to official nominees and go through to the final round!
  • HaaTa's Univac F-1355-00 electro-magnetic-clicky keyboard
  • Muirium's Honeywell hall-effect keyboard
  • Tinnie's IBM "Kishsaver" and Industrial SSK finds
  • HaaTa's Cherry M11

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28 Nov 2013, 08:34


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28 Nov 2013, 11:03

Yeah, I was surprised to see this (of all categories) winding up with the shortest nomination list. Isn't Deskthority that place where Europeans show off their grimy medieval keyboards and complain about skulls?

But then I tried to remember some more great finds of 2013. There was a good number but they're hard to remember. Mbodrov posted a Costar CSK-1101P, an all-Omron (super clicky) switch keyboard and a really good sequence of photos of its dissassembly, and it even had Russian caps. But it was way back in May. I only found it again because of your challenge, and the Omron factor made it stick in my mind.

My Honeywell made it to the shortlist thanks to all the buzz around Round 5. It could have just as easily been forgotten. Finds are like that, they're momentary events instead of long running stories. Well, unless you're HaaTa and you've a backlog to publish!

Perhaps if we had a way of flagging / tagging threads, we could use technology to aid our crappy memories. I would have flagged Mbodorov's Omron back in spring, and then when nominations opened I could have checked my list and picked the ones that stood out. Perhaps I'll remember to manually bookmark threads for that exact purpose next year. But making it a site feature could potentially get more of us into it and provide a fairer list.

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Wild Duck

28 Nov 2013, 14:00

I think more should have been mentioned. Although the question is whether a "forgotten" one would be a potential winner. If not, not much harm is done.

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Daniel Beardsmore

28 Nov 2013, 22:57

Costar CSK-1101P isn't even on the wiki! ;-) All those nice photos never got uploaded … no wonder stuff keeps getting lost and forgotten if you people aren't documenting it properly!

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