Help us with Italian [Italiano] forum software translations

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Wild Duck

08 Feb 2015, 18:00

We use a modified version of the phpBB forum software. phpBB offers various translation packs, and we have various of these installed. However, our custom mods and additions are not covered by these packs, so this is where we need your help.

This topic contains requests for such translations to Italian [Italiano].
You can also use it for additions, corrections and improvements.

Currently untranslated are the following texts. Please reply with the right translations. You don't have to supply everything if there's a lot to be translated, every bit helps.
"If you want to deal in the marketplace, enter at least your country, so people can estimate shipping costs."

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08 Feb 2015, 19:22

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I'll work on the others later.

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Wild Duck

11 Feb 2015, 22:59

Thanks, I installed what you translated so far.

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Wild Duck

07 Sep 2015, 12:27

Please translate the following help text for the Location field in the user registration form:

"If you want to deal in the marketplace, enter at least your country, so people can estimate shipping costs."

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07 Sep 2015, 12:44

"Se vuoi fare affari nel marcatino inserisci almeno la tua nazione, così gli altri utenti potranno stimare i costi di spedizione."

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