formerly: Asus Eee Note EA800 (e-book reader/drawing tablet)


18 Dec 2018, 16:08

I have a Hi13 chuwi

It works ok , not fantastic but for what i want to do ( watch videos) its fine.

Nice screen!

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emacs -nw

02 Dec 2019, 15:15

Assuming this is still for sale, I have a couple of questions (sorry if already answered):

- battery usage (how much can you work on it between recharges)
- can one upgrade, or replace the Linux distribution that the device runs?

I managed to install Linux on a newish cheap Chinese tablet (touchscreen, wifi, Bluetooth working), but I'm a bit curious about this Asus device.


02 Dec 2019, 22:42

I've had three of them total; the two backups are sold now, but I still have the one that I used a bit. Now I'm open to selling it off too.

It was used for occasional reading and note-taking mainly in math classes; I charged it once or twice a week IIRC. Officially, it was supposed to last up to 14 hours in active use or 10 days suspended, and I would believe that.

The OS is based on Linux and Qt Embedded, and you get shell access, telnet etc. and there are some community-developed/ported applications. I haven't looked into it more.

As I posted earlier, the device is best treated as an appliance (note-taking, annotations, e-books) with the option to run scripts, share data over FTP etc.

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emacs -nw

02 Dec 2019, 23:22

Thanks for the quick answer! I'll search a bit more about the possibility of updating its Linux innards (I see Asus has the free parts on its support page: ... _Download/).


03 Dec 2019, 08:13

There's a mirror of the original website with tools. I've seen newer stuff too, but can't currently find it, though.


04 Dec 2019, 23:37

Hi davkol,
is it still available?
is it still the same price as the NIB ones you sold previously?

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