Fleas and Mechanical Keyboards


13 Nov 2017, 02:55

I have two cats and I have just found a few fleas on them. I'm planning to bomb my apartment, but I have about 13 keyboards that I don't know what to do with during the time that I bomb my apartment. I've read conflicting messages about what to do with my PC, whether I should be covering it, or leaving it uncovered to ensure it gets treated too. I'm hoping that someone has experience with this so that I don't end up ruining all of my boards in the process of getting this all taken care of.

Can anyone help out?

TL;DR Do flea bombs/foggers hurt mechanical keyboards?


13 Nov 2017, 10:55

Is bombing really necessary?

You can get drops for your cats that kill fleas on them or collars that do the same. The fleas will die out eventually.


13 Nov 2017, 12:05

I would just take all computer kit out if your going to bomb it .

However a bomb is only needed when shit is very very bad ( think of the TV shows where people live in piles of there own crap) .

Just get the infestation treated on the cat and let the fleas die , should not take long.

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Un petit village gaulois d'Armorique…

13 Nov 2017, 12:07

there is no real need for bombing, just treat the cats and that's it. My cat comes home with fleas from time to time, never had to bomb my house ....


13 Nov 2017, 13:12

I guess I'll just get some stuff to treat the cats, sounds like I'm thinking that the problem might be worse than it is. Hopefully there isn't any need to bomb my place then.

Thank you all for your help!

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13 Nov 2017, 17:38

DanielT wrote: there is no real need for bombing, just treat the cats and that's it. My cat comes home with fleas from time to time, never had to bomb my house ....
I agree with this. Just be careful - there's a few products out there that have the potential to harm your cats. Definitely do your research. When my fluffer got fleas, I ended up bombing the apartment and it helped but there were still some around. I put Frontline drops on the back of his neck and they went away pretty quickly.


13 Nov 2017, 18:51

Most products that are supposed to eliminate fleas/ticks through the circulatory system paralyze the animal a bit, but it's usually not all that bad (especially considering that people do much worse stuff through diet, for example), i.e., think about dosage.

Just keep in mind that if the fleas don't die right away, they'll try to escape from your cats and if they land on you, they'll bite a bit before giving up… they won't stay on people for long; human blood probably doesn't taste that great.

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emacs -nw

13 Nov 2017, 19:04

That's what happens when you find cheap keyboards on the flea market! :P


14 Nov 2017, 11:19

My cats once had a very bad flea attack. We didn't know anything back in the days, so we bombed. Guess what was affected: Everything. With the exception of the fleas. The we started to inform us and visited the vet. The solution was a comb 3 times a day (I still cary three scars...) combined with frontline. One week of terror...
Afterwards don't forget to go back to the vet (3-4 weeks after the last fleas have died) to check for bandworms. Fleas carr y nasty things within them, if you are very unlucky...

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