Wang 725-3770-U̶S̶ C

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25 Sep 2018, 15:13

This is a quick post about this Wang I recently received. It has got Chinese sublegends. I organized a small GB of these from, unfortunately, the participants received wildly different keyboards, ranging from one without sublegends to one with sublegends and Orange Alps. There isn't much to say about this one, it's usual Salmon/Yellow combo. Though there is something weird to note, this one is dated 9009, which is earlier than my other one, dated 9019, the 3770-C came with a DIN5 cable, that might not sound that weird, but something even weirder is noticeable, this earlier Wang has got Yellows when my later Wang has got Greens. oh Alps .... when will we understand you ?

Anyway, here are pictures :

The regular pics

my penile boys

Credits : dad

oh you wondered about the title ? now you know why :lol:

it's dirty, not even going to clean it

The macro shots of the keycaps

ImageP9250095 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250097 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250099 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250100 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250102 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250104 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250105 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250106 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250107 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250108 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250111 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250112 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250113 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250114 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250115 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250116 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250117 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250118 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250122 by Myoth, sur Flickr
I also took macros of the 3771-AZ keycaps to be able to compare, here they are :
ImageP9250085 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250082 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250081 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250088 by Myoth, sur Flickr
ImageP9250087 by Myoth, sur Flickr
Which leads me to doubt their authenticness, I've surely been influenced by the post of DrClick showing how the black SAV dye sub really is because I can see some similarities with those sublegends. Something to note also is that the fade varies a lot between sublegends and legends ... weird. I checked the bottom of the keycaps and they're the same as the one on my 3771-AZ, but I'm not so sure about the chinese sublegends.

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25 Sep 2018, 15:42

Nice writeup. I have to second the doubts about the dyesub. When pulling the caps from my board I could feel a noticeable difference between caps with sublegend and those without. The ones without sublegends had the normal tight alps fit whereas all caps with sublegends sat rather loose on the board, more like mx caps. This difference was also noticeable between the ` key and the numrow and also between the alphas and [ ] keys.

For me it looks like those boards were produced by wang, imported to Taiwan and then got another dyesub job there. For this additional dyesub the caps were pulled from the board and probably mounted on other stems. The quality of the sublegends seems to be more sharp than the normal legends so it looks pretty good. Hopefully the dyesub is well made so that it'll last decades (not like the weird printing on the SAV caps)

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