Coolermaster SK630 ISO/Tactile

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11 Jan 2019, 14:36

Hey guys,

after getting a Realforce 88UB with 45g switches in all black I was finished with my keyboard-hobby for some years. Now for some months I started looking for a wireless mechanical keyboard to get rid of all the cables on my desk.
I also want it to be tenkeyless, in ISO, minimalistic/clean look, with backlighting (I know this kinda works against the wireless idea) and with tactile switches.
I never found a keyboard (except one from Corsair, but it looked too overstyled) that satisfied me.
When browsing CES news I stumbled upon the Coolermaster SK630 and wanted to ask what you think of the keyboard. I am surprised that I actually like the low-profile look. And it checks all the boxes from my wishlist.
Do you think it will be available in ISO and with tactile switches?

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