Part of a double shot, Cherry OG WoB set from a G80-11900


17 Apr 2019, 15:51


I'm selling a few keycaps that I won't be able to use since I have a tkl keyboard. They are from a G80-11900HAMIT.
The keycaps that I'm selling are: full numpad, left and right shift, capslock and the whole bottom row. Both the Win keys and the menu key are not doubleshot.
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Since I don't know how much I may ask for them, I simply divided what I paid and multiplied the result for the keycaps that I'm selling, which makes 20 euro shipping excluded.

P.S. I'm also interested in trading them for the keycaps that I need to complete the set, which are: a non-stepped capslock; a 1,25u and a 2,75u shift and a standard bottom row.
It's ok if the colour doesn't match what I have, as long as it's also Cherry profile and double shot or dye sub.

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