<SPRiT Edition>MX Springs +LSS Lube Station +MX Stabilizers (In stock)


11 Feb 2016, 17:20

Did you get an answer?
I'm still waiting for my package, tracking says it's still in HWASEONG, but since it is stuck since 4th february I guess it should have arrived in Germany and they just don't bother updating.

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Un petit village gaulois d'Armorique…

11 Feb 2016, 18:02

It takes around 10-12 days to reach Germany so it's OK don't worry.


11 Feb 2016, 18:21

I didn't worry, but thanks for comforting me. Just want to keep the people still waiting for their stuff informed since they've been waiting for so long. As soon as I get the package I'll tell you if I acutally got springs or just a letter, calling me a doofus or something.


17 Feb 2016, 17:44

I'm waiting my $840 order, 27 months now and counting...

He's a scammer.

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22 Feb 2016, 01:41

pasph wrote:I'm waiting my $840 order, 27 months now and counting...

He's a scammer.
Ouch. That's a lot of dough.


22 Feb 2016, 07:42

Let me start out by stating that I do not condone a witch hunt on Sprit, like what happened in the GH thread. He's a human being and human beings make mistakes.

That being said, I also feel everyone making a purchase from this human being should be informed of the risk they are taking based on his history. Pasph's order above is a great example of what is happening.

I paid for my order 7/18/14, $75; ordered a 110% PCB, some LEDs and stabs.
Since then I have sent him 9 emails, 1 was as a reply on a "confirmation before shipping" mail at 4/10/15 (9 months after order paid, fairly decent for a GB imo). 8 emails were initiated by me over a period of a year; none were responded to.

What happened in the geekhack thread was unfortunate, but understandable.

From the outside it looks like he packs a few orders for the community now and then, drops by a thread every half a year and says he was ill / busy moving offices / etc.
These illness / job situations have not stopped him from brokering an agreement with mechanicalkeyboards.com for PCBs and delivering these steadily.

I hope to have kept this post objective. I really just want to make sure people who order from him know his past.

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√(4) != -2

22 Feb 2016, 10:00

It's a shame he turned rogue, his products are actually pretty good. Given his history I wouldn't risk ordering anything more expensive than some Springs.

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Finally 60%

22 Feb 2016, 10:35

I only bought from him once (a few springs) and everything went well, and timely. But reading this it seems he is really unreliable.

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22 Feb 2016, 17:27

I bought some springs and they were delivered within a month. But that was when he was most active last summer. Asked him about a few other things since and haven't heard back. Submitted an order for some stabs and haven't gotten an invoice.

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Un petit village gaulois d'Armorique…

22 Feb 2016, 18:01

SPRiT is a very shitty story. I'm one of the lucky people who managed to get his stuff, I was very close to losing a fair amount of money. Made quite a scandal to force him to deliver my stuff. It made me sad the whole situation because I used to consider him a friend and I've supported him a lot.
The whole thing is sad, his products are excellent but ....

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25 Feb 2016, 21:21

Sprit's been MIA on GeekHack for months. Although I received my order without issue, I would caution doing business with him based on the feedback from others.


04 Mar 2016, 13:24

Just wanted to say that I received my order and everything was ok. I hope everything works out at some point for the participants of the groupbuy.

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