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by Riverman
30 Nov 2020, 23:42
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Too much retr0bright?
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Re: Too much retr0bright?

That looks good to me, too. I used to work in the service department at an Apple retailer back in the '90s, and originally, there were no yellow or beige tones in the plastic. It should be a pure light grey. I bought quite a few service parts to make some of my old equipment look like new. Too bad I...
by Riverman
07 Oct 2020, 00:32
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: ISO PBT double shot key caps?
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Re: ISO PBT double shot key caps?

Good dye subs will last nearly forever. The old ones from the '90s, like Apple keycaps, show little to no signs of wear, even after 20+years of use, and Topre's dye subbed keycaps are right up there. Unfortunately there's no way to know with the Chinese ones until someone uses them and reports on ho...
by Riverman
11 Jun 2020, 20:44
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Matias Quick Question
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Re: Matias Quick Question

I think that Matias advertises that their cases are made out of polycarbonate. Whether or not that changes the choice of glues you're going to use, I don't know.
by Riverman
01 Jun 2020, 18:47
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Cherry MX Silent Black switch (Review)
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Re: Cherry MX Silent Black switch (Review)

I have a Cherry G80-3494 with silent black switches and I love it. It doesn't feel heavy at all, and it's infinitely more quiet than the same keyboard with brown switches. I thought that Topre switches were my endgame, but this cheap and flimsy G80 is really wonderful to type on. I bought another se...
by Riverman
06 May 2020, 18:02
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: What to consider when trying to revive an Apple M0120 numpad?
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Re: What to consider when trying to revive an Apple M0120 numpad?

What kind of screws does it use? The only unusual screws I remember Apple back then were Torx screws, which are very common these days. Hopefully they don't use any truly odd components inside that would be impossible to replace.
by Riverman
15 Apr 2020, 19:23
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Strong Man SMK-105
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Re: Strong Man SMK-105

I'm impressed that that keyboard has a real Macintosh keyboard layout, with only three keys on each side of the spacebar and an equals key on the numeric keypad. Nice find! Hopefully the switches go to a good home.
by Riverman
04 Mar 2020, 20:41
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Anyone know of a good scissor switch keyboard besides the Logitech k740?
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Re: Anyone know of a good scissor switch keyboard besides the Logitech k740?

I really liked some of Logitech's PerfectStroke keyboards before I got back into mechanicals. I had a couple of DiNovo keyboards, the Mac version and the "for Notebooks" version, which were identical full-sized keyboards. They had a great snap to the keys, and they were very quiet. I used one in my ...
by Riverman
05 Feb 2020, 00:22
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Keyboards banned from work
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Re: Keyboards banned from work

We still had two people in our office using some sort of IBM terminal keyboards 20 years ago, and man were they loud. I could hear one of them clear as day halfway across the office. Our office has been remodeled twice since then, and we keep getting squished closer and closer together. I never had ...
by Riverman
26 Dec 2019, 20:00
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Topre Type Heaven - Second-owner cleaning and rebuild guide
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Re: Topre Type Heaven - Second-owner cleaning, rebuild, (postmortem?) guide

Yeah, the Type Heaven is a different keyboard than the regular Realforces, and comes apart slightly differently. I have both, and I think that the Type Heaven is a more solid keyboard, but the perfectly smooth black finish is more delicate than a Realforce's textured plastic. I've taken the keycaps ...
by Riverman
02 Dec 2019, 23:16
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: What are Topre Switches Like?
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Re: What are Topre Switches Like?

There really isn't anything quite like them, but I agree with others that they're closer to a really refined rubber dome keyboard than any kind of Cherry MX switch. I'd almost describe them as boring, but they're extremely pleasant to type on. Cherry MX switches feel pretty rough and unrefined in co...
by Riverman
14 Nov 2019, 20:36
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: EnjoyPBT Keycaps?
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Re: EnjoyPBT Keycaps?

I've had a couple of EnjoyPBT keycap sets, and they've all been fine. The spacebar is the only thing that's ever been an issue for me on any of the PBT keycap sets I've had, and even then, warpage is usually minimal. The worst one I had was from a Tai Hao set, but the seller exchanged it quickly. I'...
by Riverman
01 Nov 2019, 20:06
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: *
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Re: Tried ALPS for the first time

My dad bought a Macintosh SE/30 back in 1989 with the Extended Keyboard II. That was our keyboard through several different Macs in the '90s, and I still have it, along with another AEKII, and a regular Apple Keyboard with orange or salmon Alps switches that I picked up at a computer surplus store y...
by Riverman
23 Sep 2019, 22:14
Forum: Keyboards
Topic: Realforce 87u discontinued?
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Re: Realforce 87u discontinued?

Looking at their website, it sure looks like they used 87U as a model number for the old R1 version. The 87U and the 87UB are all the way at the bottom. The new one is called the R2TL, with a bunch of other letters and numbers after that to denote other features.
by Riverman
14 Sep 2019, 07:44
Forum: For sale
Topic: [WTS] LOWER PRICE modded realforce 101
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Re: [WTS] modded realforce 101

Is this still available?

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