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30 Nov 2018, 16:55

Hi everyone,

Newcomer to the forums here.
English is not my main language, so sorry for all the typos I'll do.

I've been always fascinated by mechanical keyboards, as they were the first keyboards I typed on (back in 1986), but never owned one.
I'll fix that, for sure.

As of now, I'm using the following:
@home: Logitech K270 Keyboard + Logitech M570 Trackball, both wireless Unifying models. I bought the trackball first because I owned the wired model and I loved it, but it got smashed in a move. The keyboard was choosen because of the Unifying compatibility and cheap price more than its ergo.
It is not an awful keyboard, but it is far from beign a pleasure to work with.

@Work: HP Slim Office Keyboard, which is silent but uncomfortable, and generic HP mouse.

I'm aiming at an ergonomic mechanical keyboard, but choice is so wide it almost frightens.
So here I am. :mrgreen:

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30 Nov 2018, 17:41

Welcome! I think most members here aren't native English speakers, so don't worry about that.

Best of luck finding stuff. :)

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Offtopicthority Instigator

30 Nov 2018, 17:43

Welcome Ralph_IT. Enjoy DT! Check out our wiki if you have not done so jet:


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30 Nov 2018, 17:54

@Ralph_IT: Welcome to DT!

Don't be concerned about your English. You will find that plenty of us native speakers make lots of typos (as well as what I call "thinkos").

The world of mechanical keyboards is fascinating and fun. There are many serviceable contemporary boards and a rich array of vintage boards from which to choose. Many of us enjoy the challenge of getting vintage keyboards to work with modern computers.



03 Dec 2018, 07:50

There is a lot of stuff and info here.
Right now I'm with the wiki and trying to assimilate all those new concepts.

But ortholinear has picked my attention.

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