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14 Jun 2020, 20:34

Hi folks,

I stumbled across this keyboard not long ago and it is quite interesting so I am making this post to share it.

This is a Cherry g80-3000 but what is interesting is the article number of it.


As you can see it is g80 - 3000 HOG.
H as we know is Double shot
G is British Iso
And the O in the middle, where an indication for switch type normally is, is not documented in the wiki (wiki/Cherry_article_numbers)

I even had a brief conversation with Myoth on DT discord however he was not sure what this is or what the O means.

Now the keyboard arrived to me, and it is.... interesting and underwhelming, give or take.

Update: all chean up and handsome, smile boi you may go on wiki today
Here is how it came to me originally :p
1- Normal stuffs
This has vint mx blue:


Stamp on the pcb so you know it is the real deal i guess


There is a switch from the back of the pcb


So you can switch between AT and PC, not sure what this mean


2- Now the weird stuff
The caps! They are just very strange. First off the legend does not look Cherry:

Here is normal OG double shot:

Here what HOG looks like: the font for the legends is clearly different

And the quality! Man i don't know i have really hard time believing these were made by Cherry, just look at them:

They are thin the the double shot part is very minimal. Remind me of tai hao caps at the time.
So conclusion is perhaps HOG in Cherry language translate to "cheap double shot keycaps" + "DIN connection & Blue switch" + "UK ISO layout"

Or.... perhaps sometimes ago some dude saw the value in the caps and swap the OG ones with a cheaper set :? I really don't know, the caps came well used though.

Oh, and here is a real Hog
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15 Jun 2020, 00:01

Another one of these... This isn't the first time such caps have been seen, and I'm thinking these keyboards actually came from Cherry. The two other places I've seen these keycaps on Cherry keyboards are these :

G81-1000HBE/10 :
1600 series keyboard in Cherry's own brochure : wiki/File:G80-1600.pdf

But these caps are seen on Chicony and Monterey boards :
- For Chicony, here are a few exemple of keyboards with keyboards that have similar keycaps :
wiki/Chicony_KB-5161#KB-5161C_Mitsumi_r ... l_switches

- and Monterey keyboards :

... so I imagine these caps were cheaper to buy for Cherry than to make their own keycaps

I also imagine that the O is something along the lines of "Variation #X for the G80 series with MX Blues". But this is much deeper in the rabbit hole than I'd like this post to be, and I don't want to ramble on stuff I am not sure of :lol:
Quickly though, the fact that the 1000 is an HBE is for me an hint more valuable than it might seem. A, B, C and D are used in other cases for "generations" (see the 2100), but more than generations, I would like to think these are "variants" of the same model, as newer hardware and shape could be considered features.

This is clearer once you get to know about the 1138HAU and it's more sought after variant, the 1138HBU ;)
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15 Jun 2020, 15:08

Yeah the monterey one is very similar to what i have. The way control is spelled and the shift that looks like silk screened even though it is double shot. Looking at the shift of my keyboard one could have sworn that it is pad print or silk screened. Thanks Myoth makes a lot more sense to me now. Perhaps at the point in time Cherry did not have the molding to cover all the language specific layout so they outsourced to other manufacturers?

Other than that, the rest seems to be Cherry quality. Plastic case is good, switches are nice. Only one key stop clicking so far, and i don;t mind because I value the housing of those switches much more. I may get some linear stems to mod them later.

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