Need help getting an AT Zenith Z150 working


12 Feb 2021, 06:06

Oh oops I got excited and forgot to do that stuff lol, but lock lights do work, as for debug output I'll get them tomorrow.

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12 Feb 2021, 15:08

Good to know that lock lights works now.

These two issues are still left at this point.
1) Lock lights are not updated at startup. They won't correspond with lock status of computer after startup.
2) The keyboard doesn't response to 'Read keyboard ID' command(wF2) for some reason.

I updated firmware to test the issues. Can you try this firmware instead of the last? ... usb/binary


13 Feb 2021, 16:20

Sorry for the delay, my shoulder shat itself yesterday and I basically couldn't move my right side, but I'm fine now, with the new firmware the keyboard doesn't put characters on the screen anymore and the lock lights don't work either,

here the debug output, I pressed f2 at the end;

Waiting for new device:...


USB configured.

Keyboard start.
PRT:11 ISR:6A90 rAA AA420 R921
ID:FFFD(AT_Z150) S921 L921 r06 rF0 r06 r06 rF0 r06

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14 Feb 2021, 01:56

Thanks for your patience. And take care of your shoulder.

Firmware you tried(TMK:f8ce50eb/LUFA) is old version from Feb 9 for some reason, not the latest one.

Could you try download firmware file from here and test again? ... usb/binary

The firmware should show version string `TMK:3163a11a/LUFA` in debug log.

No rush at all, try this when you have spare time.
Have a great weekend!


19 Feb 2021, 02:31

hello, the keyboard works fine until I turn on the 3 lock lights all at once, then the keyboard goes ape shit and doesn't work afterward
also in hid_listen it says it's xt

TMK:3163a11a/LUFA USB configured. Keyboard start. PRT:11 ISR:6A90 I308 PRT:11 ISR:0000 rAA AA309 wF2 R1062 ID:FFFF(XT) S1062 L1062

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19 Feb 2021, 03:33

Thanks for reply.
Is that all you got in hid_listen?
Debug output during the keyobard "works fine" and when "you turn on lock lights" would be helpful.

Can you post debug outputs long as possible here or somewhere like


19 Feb 2021, 07:45

Yep sure can, not *probably* not gonna be at the office in the next day though. But soon as I can I will!

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