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19 Feb 2021, 09:47

You are on the right path. From my experience, the best cleaning product for glue, grease, grime, solder flux, is Isopropyl alcohol. Also it does not affect the plastic. I you recommend to first try it in a small patch to see if it has undesired effects.

Regarding the rust, there are a lot of diy methods and combinations of substances: wd40 and scrubbing (pretty aggressively), citric acid and hot water, Borax and lemon juice mixed together to form a paste, etc. As with Isopropyl alcohol the best way is to try them out before on small areas to see the results.

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The Tiproman

19 Feb 2021, 10:44

wegiwana wrote:
19 Feb 2021, 08:34
So I have recently gotten a model F XT...
What should I use to remove the rust and the glue from the mounting plate? I am pretty sure that scrubbing away the glue, and a "coke bath" would certainly do the trick I'd like to use well... More "gentle" methods. When it comes to removing the glue I was thinking about some isoprophyl alcohol and to remove the rust I was thinking about use some kind of sodium hydroxide (baking soda and water?).
This is once again a "copy and paste" (although this time somewhat edited ) of an older thread:


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