Ipad 3 camera connection kit and filco majestouch 2 mx brown

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26 Jun 2012, 20:11


26 Jun 2012, 20:51

Bummer your backlit keyboard didn't work, shoulda tried a KBTalking Pure.

http://www.reddit.com/r/keyboards/comme ... kbtalking/

Good luck on the Novel!

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27 Jun 2012, 06:21


Although, in your video you say that you can connect ANY USB keyboard, which is technically true, but they won't all WORK. HHKB requires too much power and the iPad shuts it down (unless you stick a power insert--a hub-- inline with it)
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27 Jun 2012, 11:11

I just tried it with a HHKB pro 2 and it did NOT work. Probably because of the built in USB hub. I'll update the video with this knowledge. Thanx for pointing this out to me.

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27 Jun 2012, 13:13

Maybe a bluecube would fix the problem ?


27 Jun 2012, 15:09

Captain tried that despite 0% chance of working.

HHKB doesn't work with purple dongles.

Made for a funny pic though.

One of the PRACTICAL issues is the iPad connector is looser than the morals of a politician with a teenage aide. A Apple Aluminum bluetooth connection is MUCH more reliable.

I'll try pairing my Logitech DiNovo Mini sometime, IIRC the K400 USB dongle did NOT work.

http://geekhack.org/showthread.php?2887 ... put-Tricks

And Reddit tells me that you CAN blow an iPad fuse.

Fuck Reddit.


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03 Jul 2012, 16:21

kbc poker would work without a powered usb hub?

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