KBC Poker != ikbc Poker


16 Mar 2024, 15:20

Hello, small note about your wiki.

In spite of KBC having changed name to ikbc, their Poker models have differences:
  • Fn key combinations are relocated
  • ikbc version has one programmable layer
  • dip switches have different functions
I recently bought a used ikbc Poker with Cherry MX browns. Aside from limited programmability I like it very much. However there appears to be no English manual and much of what's written in your current KBC Poker page doesn't apply to my ikbc Poker. In case I ever find the will to document mine, where should I put the info?

http://www.ikbc.com.cn/prod_view.aspx?T ... Id=t3:70:3
http://www.ikbc.com.cn/Private/Files/63 ... 837755.pdf

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16 Mar 2024, 17:20

Welcome to DT :)

I'm presuming https://www.ikbc.com.tw is the same people, just using a separate English portal? I can't find a forum link to update the reference in the wiki/KBC article. The latter should probably be renamed to "ikbc" leaving a redirect behind.

As for the differences, IMO they should be documented in the current article dedicated to the Poker, with a separate gallery too.


16 Mar 2024, 20:49

I put one of the images on the iKBC site into Google Translate to find what the Chinese characters before "Poker" meant.
0c087751-2f63-4020-9ce1-e9796b27e5de.jpeg (97.43 KiB) Viewed 922 times
According to that diagram, the successor to the 2015 Poker 3 is called the 2016 "New Poker".
That model matches the images at the top of the page, and I suppose that is what you bought!

I created a stub article for the keyboard in the wiki. Please do edit it to add information! :D

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