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27 Oct 2019, 01:19

Finally, TODAY I received my package. Most certainly with very little thanks to Correos de Chile (which held up the package for no good reason for more than a month).

SKB-75. GMK Jamón. Cherry MX Clear switches.
SKB-75. GMK Jamón. Cherry MX Clear switches.
SKB75-1.jpg (1.17 MiB) Viewed 1690 times

The build was a mess. Many mistakes were made (all of them mine). But, as of a a couple hours ago, my son's SKB75 is in operation.

I am proud to say that, although I directed him at every step, all the build's work (and layout choices) was made by my son (and he's better at soldering than I am!).

We shall finish mine tomorrow.

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03 Apr 2020, 18:54

GB concluded!

I had two packages still laying around here that were returned to me (not picked up or wrong address). Gotta admit I forgot about them for a while. Due to corona I had some more time and finally took care about those two. They were the reason I couldn't call this GB concluded.
Now I finally can :)

From those last 5%, some switched to SKB2 and some got a refund.

Overall I'm surprised that from roughly 200 packages, only three in total were returned to me. To my knowledge, all the rest arrived well. Some of you may remember how finicky I was regarding the addresses. With quite a few I wrote a few times back and forth just to make sure the address format was correct. Looks like that effort wasn't for nothing. Managing all your data via google sheets got quite messy in the end but it did work out.

Future service:
Anyone who owns an SKB (via GB or second hand) can always contact me in case he wants to get a custom plate, I'll make the DXF file (free of course).

Final note:
A lot didn't go as planned which lead to quite a few delays. The support from all of you guys was outstanding and a huge motivational factor that helped me push trough. I've learned a lot and this experience will help with future projects.

Huge thanks to all participants!


30 May 2020, 11:50

These keyboards are very nice, I'm happy that there's a second round going on.
Too bad that not many users posted the pictures of their built, but this isn't reddit or geeckhack!

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Mr. J

07 Jun 2020, 15:44

Will there be a second round?


08 Jun 2020, 13:13

Round 2 concluded last week


10 Jun 2020, 09:21

finally he added tkl :-)

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