Major Cleanup, lots of keyboards & other stuff


18 Jul 2018, 14:27

I'm the one who bought the yellow ones, they're KPT clones in brown housings. The wiki just calls them KPT-Like switches wiki/KPT-like_switch

They fit in alps plates so I've been trying to handwire them into a 60%. I would have cut up the original board, but it's plastic and makes the switches sound extremely cheap.


19 Jul 2018, 12:18

Rollermouse Red arrived safe and sound and in lovely condition. Just needed a quick wipe down to freshen her up and she was good to go.

Took some getting used to from a Pro1 i was using before but used to it now.

The new style fat bar has a little more friction than a pro1 but that could be down to how much the pro1 has been used and worn it ( kind of like MX blacks) and its nothing a few drops of SuperLube(TM) could not fix :)

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10 Jan 2019, 07:03

Bump, still need to get rid of all that stuff. Willing to entertain all kinds of offers :)

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13 Jan 2019, 21:15

PM on the way :)

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14 Jan 2019, 13:00

What condition are the switches in the aristotle board?


17 Feb 2019, 07:47

Are the blue and orange switched boards in #17 omron switches by chance? Is the price for both or just one?


14 Mar 2019, 23:40

Have a rollermouse red still?

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15 Mar 2019, 00:55

Yup, PM sent.

@Erderm_, they're not omrons.

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16 Mar 2019, 06:39


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Today, 14:15

Rollermouse pics


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