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Alps Aficionado

10 Jul 2020, 03:55

depletedvespene wrote:
10 Jul 2020, 03:44
That screen background looks familiar...
Yeah, You probably know who made it!

Credit where credit is due:

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Wild Duck

14 Jul 2020, 14:30

allworkandnoplay.jpg (1.34 MiB) Viewed 3511 times

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16 Jul 2020, 16:52

Here's my current desktop setup.


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07 Aug 2020, 21:10


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07 Aug 2020, 22:57

Someone: "How many laptops do you need?"
Me: "Yes."
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14 Aug 2020, 18:23

My wife's set up complete with the keyboard she just stole from me and the desk that I built for her.
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02 Sep 2020, 11:36

ddrfraser1 wrote:
14 Aug 2020, 18:23
My wife's set up complete with the keyboard she just stole from me and the desk that I built for her.

the quote on the whiteboard is GOAT.

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02 Sep 2020, 15:19

I like keyboards




02 Sep 2020, 16:16

What do you mean "clean your desk"?

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29 Sep 2020, 22:51

This past weekend's project was a new desk setup for my kid. It was inspired by what we saw in this thread. We realized even two file cabinets with a nice slab of wood on top can make a fine desk. A desktop does not necessarily have to be a commercial desk assembly from a store to be good!

I bought an alloy loft bed so we used the old beat up wood frame to build an L shaped desktop. Which, because it was the same size bed, fills both width and length wise underneath. Headboard is the larger part of the "L" while footboard is smaller part. We used the trashed children size desk as the corner support under the new larger desk. Two of the old wooden bed posts will be repurposed as desk supports on the ends.

We also put up a room divider curtain. I did not know that was thing, but it works well. Large housing in this area is expensive, so my kids all have to deal with tiny rooms. I think I will need a few more loft frames with similar under desktop soon.. big advocate of these lofts now. As long as you are young and spry to jump up there... they open many layout options for small rooms.

Still working on getting them off the rgb wagon and on some 80's M or mx.
desk rgb.jpg
desk rgb.jpg (105.71 KiB) Viewed 1639 times
divider2.jpg (54.38 KiB) Viewed 1846 times
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07 Oct 2020, 19:02

I cannot remember ever in my life using alps switch anything. So today I figured about time to try. HP 30" is still going strong.. Using an inexpensive Anker vert mouse, all this on a Hekman which I found cheap used.. Nice not having to worry about putting the first dent into a desk.
alp.jpg (71.5 KiB) Viewed 1621 times


09 Nov 2020, 20:28

mr_a500 wrote:
26 Jul 2019, 21:38
Also, this guy visits me regularly:

He's not a pet. He's a wild squirrel who found out how to come through my screen door, come upstairs to my computer room and ask for some nuts.

Just yesterday, he ran all over my Amiga 500, my Victor 9000, Atari 800XL and even my frigging IBM 3278 APL Beam Spring! (... and it's not the first time, either!) He stuffed a nut beside my Victor 9000. If he's anything like his father ("the orange guy"), he'll come back in a couple months to collect it. (...the little bastard!)

Here's that little guy hopping up on my leg:
mr_a500 wrote:
26 Jul 2019, 23:18

That damn little guy ran over my keyboards again! First, he tried out the Dasher, then hopped onto the beam spring.

(I think he preferred the beam spring, but he didn't say.)
Tragically, I have to report that this little squirrel - a squirrel who has tested more keyboards than any other squirrel in (known) history, died this year in unknown circumstances. He will be fondly remembered. Another squirrel has taken his place. Although the new guy has so far only tested the Dasher D2, the APL beam spring, a Micro Switch SW and stuffed a nut into a Teletype Model 40, we have great hopes that he will test other keyboards in the future.

baby sm.JPG
baby sm.JPG (201.4 KiB) Viewed 1230 times


10 Nov 2020, 12:03

This is my computer room, as it looked back in 1938. Yes, we had computers, lava lamps, all the modern stuff... but everything was frigging sepia coloured. I remember it was such a relief when life went full colour.

Computer Room 1938.jpg


08 Dec 2020, 17:48

20201022_003225_255.jpg (3.35 MiB) Viewed 906 times
Yeah... I rarely get to home... few weeks of vacation for entire year :(

Most of my keyboards are at the barrack. Nothing much to show off sadly.

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17 Jan 2021, 22:03

So glad to see this thread still going after all these years. The setups of deskthority are always unique and inspirational. Nothing special going on here, just a ducky one that's been my daily driver for 5 years or so. The keycaps have started to get loose and spring off the stem from time to time. Maybe someone knows of some cool cherry doubleshot backlit keycap replacements?
IMG_8469[304].jpg (1.68 MiB) Viewed 580 times


19 Jan 2021, 09:33

This is my new (first) workplace. Wanted to replace the default 3$ rubber keyboard with something special and not too loud, so I'm currently trying out my Apple Standard Keyboard M0118 with salmon ALPS. Crazy to think this keyboard is at least 30 years old.
IMG_0012.jpg (649.88 KiB) Viewed 458 times

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