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Wild Duck

19 May 2012, 04:10

ripster wrote:Geez, last time I POST a good vid here.

German sounds so authoritative.
Here's how American sounds to me:

West coast: Nasal
Middle/South: Morons
East coast: Punks
North: Hill Street Blues

Is this accurate?


19 May 2012, 17:34

Not really. America in now quite homogenized.

So I think it Smells Like Teen Spirit with a bit of Latino spice.

Except of course the fucking Hipsters. They sound Whiny the world over. And no socks in wingtips is pretty smelly.

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21 May 2012, 14:11

Nah, there's still quite a few different accents - for that matter, there's several just in the northeast - I can think of the Boston and New York accents right away, and then there's other accents here and there.

There are the upper midwest accents (which sound similar to some of the rural Canadian accents), the Texas accents, there are a few rural midwest accents, the generic southern accent...

All of those aren't assimilated into the default "American" accent, which is really more of a southern California accent. (Interesting thing about that accent, though, due to the exposure to American media in Canada, I've read that the Canadian accents are much reduced in Canadian youth, and they have a blend of their local Canadian accent and the southern California accent.)


21 May 2012, 17:07

DudeSpeak FTW!

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15 Jun 2013, 13:30

EDIT: The following 6 posts were moved by the Demongolator from here.

Sixty,help me :? or other -thanks-

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20 Jun 2013, 13:53


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20 Jun 2013, 14:08

please,help me

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20 Jun 2013, 14:16

Thanks Problem Sovled

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The Tiproman

20 Jun 2013, 14:23

ماء wrote:bimp
ماء wrote:please,help me
ماء wrote:Thanks Problem Sovled
all that in 23 minutes... Image

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20 Jun 2013, 15:43

enough with properties check run administration

problem solved kbdr

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The Tiproman

20 Jun 2013, 16:39


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20 Jun 2013, 23:55

Whatever happened to awesome MIDI?

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formerly prdlm2009

21 Jun 2013, 00:56

I remember when the Chicago Cubs made the playoffs for the first time in my memory. 1998. Sammy Sosa was pulsating with steroids, Kerry Wood and Kevin Tapani were the ace pitchers, Jim Riggleman was manager. Mark Grace had a great season and Rod Beck was one of the best closers in the National League. They had to beat the San Francisco Giants in a one game playoff for the wild card spot, and did so with some heroics from Gary Gaetti. The luck ran out, however, when they were swept by the Atlanta Braves in the first round of the playoffs. The city got so excited, and then disappointed reigned, as is always the case with Cubs fans. Tough break.

And don't get me started on 2003 Cubs. What a heartbreak.

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