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18 Sep 2016, 17:07

Miko wrote:
Can somebody tell me weather the Anker mouse is bigger than the wowpen?
The Anker is probably marginally "bigger" than the Wow Pen Joy but in my opinion it feels smaller in the hand.

While the Wow Pen basically forces you to "wrap" your hand around it and on top of it, I use the Anker by keeping the bulk of my hand well behind it and reaching forward to operate it with my fingers only.
*Note that I do not use the "extra" buttons (I use left-right-wheel only) and I would have to change my grip considerably if I did.

While I started this thread years ago to advocate for the Wow Pen Joy, I now prefer the Anker. Both of these lean at a diagonal rather than being truly "vertical" which is dramatically better, in my opinion (see original post).

I am still waiting on a good left-hand version.

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15 May 2017, 09:39

I've been using a Anker vertical mouse at home and work for about 10 months and I am very happy about it.
It took me about two days to get used to the new posture and about a week to stop hitting the mouse with my forearm, when changing from keyboard to mouse with my hand.

Last week I started trying the Speedlink Manejo, just because I wanted to try out another kind of vertical mouse. It is not as steep as the Anker, but also feels good. At the moment, I like the Anker more.

From time to time I have to use a normal mouse for a day and it feels very awkward now.

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15 May 2017, 10:45

I recently got an Anker mouse too, but I haven't quite gotten used to it yet. For some reason it feels a lot harder to control mouse movements precisely with it. I don't know if it's due to it being so tall and slim, or something to do with acceleration but I am having a hard time adjusting.
Also I feel quite a bit of pressure on my wrist then that when using a trackball. I also find that the Anker mouse doesn't actually feel all that vertical when I'm using it. Can't really say that I'm all that impressed, and I think I'll just stick to my Rollermouse for general use with my trackball for more precise stuff.

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29 May 2017, 22:31

My own opinions and experiences. Please do not take offence if I say something that disputes anything said in this thread.

I injured my hand a few years ago. Not a major injury but a tendon injury. One that comes back from time to time.

When I went back to working in an office, the pain in my hand became quite intense. I was issued by my employer a vertical mouse. I use it daily. It has helped me a lot. My hand pain has not been back since.

I think this is due to the better posture for me. I think also it is due to the change. I had to learn new habits and lose bad old habits.

I also use the traditional mouse in my hand from time to time. This I think helps because it spreads the work between hands.

My hand is sometimes still sore, but not so often.

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29 May 2017, 23:54

Yes it's a good mouse for certain situations.

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28 Nov 2017, 17:44

I have a couple of vertical mice that i want to get rid of (ie sell), is anyone here interested in all 3 of them? I bought them because i wanted to try different shapes and sizes and couldn't decide on pictures alone. Here's some pics, message me if interested in all 3 of them: They're basically unused/new.

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